A Posingis from the early 1930xx! Paul Posingis was a watchmaker by profession and a passionate chess player. In 1927 he co-founded the chess club Werries (near Hamm / North Rhine-Westphalia) and soon began manufacturing chess clocks in his own workshop. This model must come from this early phase: 'silvered' clock face with a chess club logo on it cannot be mixed with something else! Photo: Max Bluemich vs. Alexander Alekhine (Krakow, 1941).

Clock movements with a very characteristic 'bell' shapes have been produced by the company 'Gebr. Hauser' in Weigheim, Germany (founded in 1923 and discontinued its operations in 1964). These clock movement became a basis for the Paul Posingis clock series.

This model called a 'Standart' and could be recognised from the game between Svetozar Gligoric and Herman Steiner while Gregor Piatigorsky (r) and Mrs. Philip C. McKenna observe (Hollywood, 1952).

Another 'Standart' model, with a slightly different 'propeller-style' second hand as well as a slightly smaller depth of the wooden case. Otherwise pretty the same chess clock.



One more Posingis, however this time with a different movement (i believe with a Kaiser one).