Mera Poltik        

Quite a big chess clock, produced by Mera Poltik. Company was founded in 1945 in the city Lodz (Poland). Chess clocks production started late 1940xx / early 1950xx. It must have been the first prototype of Mera Poltik, which hasn't resulted in a mass production: clockface has traditional paper-based design, hour and minute hands are solid, second hand is in a small 4-star form.

Well known Mera Poltik model, extensively produced in 1950xx. Geometry remains similar to the prototype, however design has been improved: clockface is more 'warm' and printed directly on the aluminium face; hour and minute hands are more progressive & not solid anymore; second hand has been substituted by the traditional one, which made the movement recognition more easy. Photo: S.Brzózka vs. A.Tarnowski (Polish Championship, Lodz, 1959).