One of the first (if not first) ex-Yugoslavian Chess Clock INSA: a robust oak type heavy weight wooden casing with the integrated oscillating bar. Produced by INSA (=INdustrija SAtova, Belgrad) around 1950xx. Size/Weight: 24,5cm x 4,5cm x 12,2 cm / 985 gram.

Photo: Perencevic vs. Radoja, Semifinal of the Croatian Championship (Borovo around 1961-1962).

This is the 2nd generation of the ex-Yugoslavian chess clock INSA: slightly smaller than its 1st generation wooden brother and completed fully from plastic (known in a variety of colors). Produced in 1970xx / early 1980. Warranty for this specimen signed with a date 25 August 1983. Photo: two Croatian Maestros S.Peleh vs. Z.Majeric.