First generation of Enfield chess clocks was introduced by R. Elwell-Smith (69 Ashville Avenue, Castle Bromwich) under his logo, later versions were sold already under the “Sutton Coldfied” Brand (BH Wood). Both Castle Bromwich and Sutton Coldfield belong to the Birmingham area with just 6 miles distance between them. Although Enfield Clock Company was established in 1929, the earliest Enfield alarm clocks of such design must be already a post-war (as its movement, very similar to Hungarian Danuvia / 1946, just an adoption of German Junghans). The earliest evidence of Elwell-Smith Enfield chess clock is dated to 1948.

Second generation of Enfield chess clocks, sold solely under the “Sutton Coldfied” Brand. Advertised in the „Chess” Magazine in 1951, nevertheless this model is known at least from 1948. Used in a bright variety of tournaments, like Hasting Chess Congress, 1948 (Photo: Baruch Harold Wood vs Willem Jan Muhring) or British Championship in Blackpool, 1956 (Photo: William Ritson Morry vs. Baruch Harold Wood). Particularly this clock was dedicated to Mr. Walter Veitch, Winner of the British National Knock-Out 1949-1950 (as stated in plaque on the front of the clock).

Third (and the last) generation of Enfield chess clocks in the Enfield line triade. Produced assumably mid-late 1950th under the Sutton Coldfield brand. This model already incorporates a newer movement, used also for the subsequent ‘rounded’ Sutton Coldfield clocks. Photo: Scottish Chess Association Congress, T.Borland vs. W.McLean & J.M. Douglas (1971).