Old Austrian        

Based on the Vienna Chess Magasine (vol.6 from 1932), it should be an Austrian prototype of the Czech chess clock 'Wienerin'. Produced approximately 1930th-1940th. Photo: a game between Clarice Benini vs. Vincenzo Nestler (Florence, 1948).

First impression when I got those clocks: they are fully identical. After the closer investigation it appeared that the movements from both clocks are different, furthermore, one pair looks quite 'used', the other rather 'new and shining'. To my luck, both clocks contained pieces of the old newspapers in it. Deep papers research showed that the first newspaper is dated with 16 Jan 1927 (by comparing all Stock prices and Theater repertoire in Vienna). Date of the second newspaper (Osterreichische Schneider-Zeitung) wasn't identified precisely, however it is known that is was published only between 1949 and 1977 (namely post-war). Assuming that the newspapers reflect an approximate production / major repair date, it may lead to the conclusion that both clocks were produced in the late 1920th, however the 2nd one (with a newer movements) might be repaired after the 2nd WW (1949 to 1977). Both clocks belonged to the chess section of the 'Gaswerk Leoipoldau' (Vienna), which is evidenced by the stamp on the bottom. Photo: Frederick Yates vs. Marquis Monticelli (San Remo, 1930).

Kaiser chess clock. Movements manufactured by Josef Kaiser Uhrenfabrik Villingen (Germany), operated from 1926 to 1973. There is no evidence when exactly those Calibers were produced, nevertheless, they haven’t been designed exclusively for the chess clock but also used for various table clocks. Photo: unknown chess tournament in Wels, Austria (c) Peter Kranzl, https://schachunddarts.at/

Nice Austrian chess clock with a characteristic side-based pushbars. In order to fix the movements inside the solid wooden block, a piece of newspaper (‘Wiener Kurier’, 1954) has been used: it’s a very good indication of the clocks age! Movements are originating from Josef Kaiser Uhrenfabrik Villingen. Photo: Hans Polzer vs. Ernst Stoeckl (Vienna Chess Club Hietzing, around 1970th).