Alpha / Max Andres

Max Andres started producing chess clocks right after establishing his company in 1920, however first proven evidences (at least known for me) come only with 1926: it’s a game A.Alekhine vs. M.Euwe in the Hotel De Roode Leeuw (NL) as well as an advertisement of Max Andres ‘Model 502’ in ‘Kagans Neueste Schachnachrichten’. It's a very solid model with big clock faces and quite strong ticking: it should b a real pleasure to use it! Photo: Max Euwe vs. Efim Bogoljubow, 2nd FIDE Championship (Netherlands, 1928).

Brand 'Alpha' appeared after the 2nd WW, thus, all Alpha clocks below are dated 1950xx onwards. 1970 company was closed. This model has a separate 'blitz' 5- and 10 sec function (set with a gear on the right side of the clock) generating a sound if a move not done within a given time interval. Advertised in a Chess Review (1959). Photo: Don de Vore vs. Peter Irwin (1962).

Alpha Model, used on the 16th Chess Olympiad in Israel/Tel Aviv (1964). Reference: a game between Israel and Swedish teams.

Alpha Model, used on the Chess Olympiad in Monaco (1958). Reference: a game betweein GM Raul Sanguineti vs. GM Eliskases (match Poland-Argentina).

Alpha Model, used on the German Chess Championship (Berlin, 1953).

Alpha Model called '522', dated back to late 1960xx or even early 70th. Wooden case, clockfaces as well as the majority of other design characteristic are similar to previous Alpha models, just movements are stamped as / originated from 'H.Fischerkeller' (probably referring to 'Heinz Fischerkeller', a watch company located in Villingen-Schwenningen). Particularly this model belonged to and used by Mr. Volker Neitzke, chess lover and player from Germany.

Alpha 525 from 1970xx is the finality of the almost 60+ years Max Andres / Alpha chess clocks history. Geometry and movements are fully identical to earlier model, the only major difference is an introduction of the convensional flag (compared to 'guillotine' type), as well as minor clock face design improvements. Used in 'Euwe Schachvierlager' in 1976 (Photo: Fridrik Olafsson vs Anatoly Karpov). Appears in the US market in the late 70th (Chess Life, 1979).